Caroline's Story

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was influenced by my "cool" parents who introduced me to a wide range of music genres. I was the twelve year old kid who was recording music videos on MTV when MTV only played music videos. I also started making mixes for my friends and family on good old cassette tapes.  From here I branched out to making mixed cd's that I would bring to parties and family gatherings.

About six years ago I was given the opportunity to put all my music knowledge into an actual profession.  I have deejayed many weddings, parties, corporate events, school functions and holiday gatherings. I enjoy hearing the wonderful stories about how you got engaged or when you met your significant other 50 years ago.

Aside from being a music entertainer I am also a special education teacher. I have been a Special Education Teacher for 12 years.I have been able to deejay many amazing fundraisers and also events for my school and community. It is truly wonderful that I am able to bring both professions together as one! There are always opportunities for an Upbeat Occasion!

Taking Risks

Why do we take risks in life? Do we enjoy the thrill? Do we have the confidence to try new ideas? Do we want to make moments that much more memorable? I have always been a risk taker my whole life. I enjoy trying new things, activities, ideas and suggestions on a daily basis. What about at your events you may ask? The answer is YES!!! I enjoy taking risks at my events/weddings to create that “WOW” factor. Last Saturday, the father of the bride approached me about an hour before the start of the wedding. He wanted to surprise his daughter with a “special song” that he knew she would like. Our original plan was to play it during the reception. During the father/daughter dance, I said to myself, “ Why not fade out the original father daughter song midway and slowly bring in this “special song”? The excitement began to build as well as an adrenaline rush for me as I was about to take this “risk”. The song slowly comes on, and her father quietly said, “listen”. She holds her father and then he gradually releases her and motions to the groom to come dance with her again. The bride and groom hold each other so tight as this beautiful song fills the room. Tears fill her eyes and dad was smiling from ear to ear. I went over to him shortly to congratulate him again and he grabbed my hand and said, “ THANK YOU for doing that”. It meant the world to me. I took a risk and it worked out well. Why? The reason I was able to take this risk was because I knew how much the father loved his daughter as she mentioned this at our final planning meeting. I wanted to make that moment so much more for the father and his daughter. Get to know your couples, really listen to every word at the meetings and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Thanks for reading!